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Wildflowers of the Blue Ridge

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The Roanoke Valley Chapter of FRIENDS will be hosting a free presentation by the Virginia Cooperative Extension and Roanoke Masters Gardeners on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 5:30 pm, at the Raleigh Court Library.

Barbara Leach of Virginia Cooperative Extension and Ellen Holtman of Roanoke Master Gardeners will share beautiful photos and information about the Blue Ridge environment, including topography, soil, pH, elevation and types of trees.

You will learn about 25-30 wildflowers found in the Blue Ridge and their medicinal uses by Native Americans and early pioneers. You also will learn about the threats to the environment, trees and flowers, including deer overgrazing, acid rain, climate change, over-harvesting of the wildflowers, invasive plants and more.

This unique event is free and all are welcome! The Raleigh Court Library is located at 2112 Grandin Road SW, Roanoke, VA.

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