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Peaks of Otter Chapter, Milepost 50-100

The Peaks of Otter chapter was formed in June of 2008 and covers MP 50 – 100. FRIENDS is currently seeking members in Lexington, Buena Vista, Bedford and Buchanan to strengthen this Chapter.

Area of Service: Otter Creek Campground, James River Visitor Center, Peaks of Otter Campground, Johnson Farm, Abbott Lake and Trail, and Participation at area festivals.

Significant Projects: Campground cleanups and restoration projects, Johnson Farm historic site restoration, Trails, Overlooks, Cemeteries, On-Parkway Donation box.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Humpback Rocks Chapter, please contact or or 1.800.228.PARK (7275)

Peaks of Otter’s volunteers help to preserve, promote and enhance this national treasure as it winds through the Ridge District of southern Virginia.
While some 15 million travelers enjoy the Parkway each year, the Parkway continues to be impacted deeper and deeper by funding and staff reductions. As this valuable historic, cultural, economic and spiritual resource is more and more threatened, our efforts as volunteers through FRIENDS become more and more important. Join us on the Parkway today!
The Chapter cares fortrails, overlooks, campgrounds and picnic areas from milepost 50-100. Working in partnership with National Park Service staff, we help maintain
and restore Johnson Farm through garden preparation, planting, weeding and watering. We maintain the picnic area along Little Stoney Creek, keeping tables and grill areas tidy.
They restore and perform upkeep on Polly Wood’s Ordinary, a cabin that served as the first lodging for travelers through the area in the early 1830’s.
FRIENDS volunteers help clear litter and debris from Parkway overlooks and trails; clean and paint signage and milepost markers; and generally keep an attractive, neat landscape at the much-visited area.
FRIENDS’ success has been achieved through the loyalty and financial support of our corporate partners, members and volunteers. FRIENDS is the official 501(c)(3) membership
organization for the Blue Ridge Parkway and a National Park Service Blue Ridge Parkway approved partner dedicated to preserve, promote and enhance the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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