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Humpback Rocks Chapter, Milepost 0-50

The Humpback Rocks Chapter covers Milepost 0 – 50 and has volunteers from neighboring communities including Waynesboro, Montebello, Staunton, and Nelson County, Virginia.

Area of Service: Humpback Rocks Visitor Center, Whetstone Ridge, Wigwam Falls.

Significant Projects: Trails, Overlooks, Cemeteries, On-Parkway Donation Box.

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Humpback Rocks Chapter, please contact or or 1.800.228.PARK (7275.)

Humpback Rocks Chapter volunteers help preserve, promote and enhance the 50 northernmost miles of this national treasure as it winds through the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia. The Chapter addresses challenges to its bountiful cultural, historic and natural resources. Working in partnership with Blue Ridge Parkway staff, the Chapter cares for scenic overlooks and common areas, maintains trails and provides support and assistance for historic, cultural and natural resources. All volunteers are welcome, whether working alone or in groups, with all skill sets and capabilities.

The Chapter also welcomes business sponsors for funding equipment and tree programs. Details of quarterly meetings, scheduled events and workdays are announced via email.