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FRIENDS Chapters are the backbone of our work on the Blue Ridge Parkway.


The majority of FRIENDS volunteers belong to a community chapter (a small number work directly for our headquarters in Roanoke, Virginia). Each chapter has a section of the Parkway that they are responsible for. That section is identified by milepost numbers. The milepost numbering system starts at the north end of the Parkway near the Shenandoah National Park with Milepost 0 and the numbers increase as you travel south ending with 469 just as you get to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.
When you apply to be a volunteer with our organization, your interests and location will drive where you can best help.

Other information resources:

  • Get up-to-date news on Chapter projects and upcoming events by signing up for our e-newsletter.
  • Each year FRIENDS Chapters, members, staff and Board get together with representatives from the Blue Ridge Parkway NPS to share ideas about growing FRIENDS Chapters, increasing their ability to assist the NPS on the Parkway and to review the accomplishments of the past year. The annual meeting Chapter reports are part of our annual report found here.
If FRIENDS has a chapter in your area and you’re interested in helping with the work they do, we encourage you to contact the FRIENDS’ Headquarters. We’ll put you in touch with your local chapter as needed. We’re all happy to hear from you! Please note, before you can do any actual volunteer work on the Parkway you must complete our volunteer application.

If there is no chapter in your area and you are interested in forming one, please give us a call!