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Over the past fifteen years, the Blue Ridge Parkway has seen a decline in funding available for trail maintenance. At this time, just 1% of the Parkway’s budget is designated for trail maintenance. The identified backlog of trail repair increases annually and if this trend is allowed to continue, trails will no longer be accessible.

Trail maintenance on the Blue Ridge Parkway engages communities in healthy lifestyles using the park’s trails as venues for recreational and volunteer opportunities. With your help, trail maintenance on the Parkway will lead to a more sustainable and healthier trail system on the Parkway.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is a great backdrop for learning, exploring and promoting healthy lifestyles, and the volunteering with trail maintenance aims to keep this natural classroom accessible by keeping its trails healthy, open and safe. Not only is the Parkway the most visited unit in the National Park Service system, it is also ranked second in biodiversity. Many times, these natural resources, as well as cultural resources, are only accessible by hiking the Parkway’s trails. Without trails, visitors will lose access to explore and learn about the resources that exist in the Blue Ridge Parkway corridor, thus never having the opportunity to develop an appreciation and commitment to preserve them.

Help us maintain these trails open and safe by adopting a trail, joining a trail crew, or donating equipment or funds to the trail maintenance program.