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We are always looking for new volunteers in our Roanoke office! Office volunteers assist with data entry, membership mailings, updating FRIENDS social media pages, general office organization, and FRIENDS merchandise sales. E-mail us at or call 800-228-7275 if you are interested in volunteering at our office.

FRIENDS interns assist with our marketing and membership efforts. They learn the ins and outs of our non-profit organization by working out of our office and attending weekly staff meetings. Interns are unpaid but may receive university or college credit. Contact us at if you are interested in interning with us!

Campground hosts are often thought of as the “eyes and ears” of the park and are crucial in assisting the Park Service staff. They provide supervisors and rangers with information regarding facilities, visitor use, wildlife sightings, and safety concerns, but do not take direct action involving law enforcement situations. Hosts may provide for the upkeep of the campgrounds, assist with the selection of campsites, and camp registration and fee payment. They do not accept or handle fee transactions. The wearing of a Volunteer In Parks (VIP) uniform identifies campground hosts, which will be provided upon arrival and background check will be performed. Contact us at if you would like more information about campground hosting.

Visitor Center hosts are a primary contact for visitors to the Blue Ridge Parkway. These positions are responsible for providing excellent customer service, specifically orientation and information to park visitors. Visitor Center hosts assist Park staff in completing various projects in the visitor center and possibly throughout the park. Additional project opportunities may be available dependent upon the volunteers’ interests and abilities. FRIENDS has coordinated the training and staffing of volunteers at visitor centers, ensuring that those visitor centers stay open for visitors coming to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Contact us at if you are interested in volunteering at a visitor center!

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