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“Enjoying the Parkway views…”

is the #1 reason more people visit the Blue Ridge Parkway than any other National Park.

The Blue Ridge Parkway has many overlooks that feature grand and extensive scenic views. Others are locations for informational signs about important aspects of Appalachian history, ecology and culture, and still, others serve primarily as parking lots for trail access.

The Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Service (NPS) manages more than 250 such overlooks, pull-offs, and parking areas along its 469-mile route.

The NPS has entrusted FRIENDS with the care of these areas, supplementing their maintenance staff resources with our volunteers. FRIENDS has created our overlook adoption program for just this purpose. We are actively recruiting individuals and groups to adopt overlooks. We have 72% of the overlooks adopted at present, we’re looking to make that 100%!

If you’re interested in adopting an overlook, we will make sure you have a basic understanding of what is involved to ensure that it is a good fit for you or your group. We request all individuals or groups wishing to adopt an overlook do so for at least a year, and preferably three to five. Of course, we are thrilled to have you stay on with the overlook for as long as you like. We have individuals and groups that enjoy being outside, find the work rewarding and stay with their overlooks long term.

Found your overlook? Contact us to get the process started by e-mailing or calling 1-800-228-7275.

In case you want to see what’s involved, we’ve outlined the entire procedure for you below.

  1. Read our Guidelines for Adopting an Overlook to get a basic understanding of what is involved in overlook maintenance.
  2. Please review our list of adopted overlooks to see what is available. Be sure to consider the travel time.
  3. If the overlook you are interested in is not available, there is the option to volunteer with the group that has adopted one near you. FRIENDS can put you in touch with that group.
  4. If your overlook is available, please contact FRIENDS and talk to us.
  5. Ready to sign on? Download the Adopt-an-Overlook Application. This application is for your entire group and it must be completed and returned to FRIENDS to start the process. You may mail the completed application to us or you may scan and return the completed application by e-mail to
  6. Each member of your group must also be a registered volunteer with FRIENDS before you can start work. Please refer your members to our BECOME A VOLUNTEER page for information and forms.
  7. After working on the overlook, you will be asked to submit Adopt-an-Overlook Maintenance Forms. These reports log the number of people working, the hours each worked and makes note of any special conditions that the National Park Service should be aware of on the overlook. Again, you have the option to mail these to FRIENDS or scan and return them by e-mail to