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For years, FRIENDS has worked with volunteers and community groups to help maintain Parkway assets. Today, our volunteers work on nearly all facets of the Blue Ridge Parkway to preserve the intricate natural environment and visitor amenities for this incredible National treasure.

We believe that the place to start … is in our communities. Americans living together and joining in associations across the country – this is where the tremendous strength and vision of our people will be tapped. We recommend a prairie fire of local action to sweep the nation, encouraging investment in outdoor recreation opportunities and rededication to the protection of our great natural heritage.

Due to budget concerns, the National Park Service (NPS) has no dedicated staff to support maintenance in these areas. Without FRIENDS’ work, trash would lie about in intersections and overlooks, trails would be overtaken by brush and fallen trees, signs would become obscured with graffiti or be simply unreadable with age.

FRIENDS also provides small equipment grants to groups like the Carolina Mountain Club that are major contributors to the Parkway trails.
Our adoption programs allow qualified groups or organizations to adopt a trail or overlook. These programs assure regular maintenance, repair and even expansion of trails and overlooks inside the Parkway boundaries. The groups or organizations train with FRIENDS and the NPS on the proper safety and maintenance procedures for their assets. They are then able to operate autonomously, free to come and go in these areas as best suits their availability. Work hours and task reports are provided to FRIENDS. These further assist the NPS, alerting the them to safety or accessibility problems which need further attention.

Thanks to groups like the Friends of the Mountain to Sea Trail, Carolina Mountain Club, and many many other groups, individuals and families FRIENDS had [insert_php]echo PERCENT_ADOPTED_TRAILS;[/insert_php] of all the Parkway trails adopted in and has set a goal for 100% to be adopted in !

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished and with your help, we look forward to a busy calendar for .
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If you’re interested in our adoption programs, please see the links at left for more information and an application. There are un-adopted trails and overlooks available and needing your help.

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