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By supporting FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway,you protect the most scenic and iconic parkway in the United States

and a model for similar scenic parkways worldwide.

It is the most accessible park unit in the entire National Park system, allowing people from all walks of life to experience the wonders of nature and the beauty of the region, and it is consistently one of the most visited units in the National Park System.

FRIENDS is able to accomplish its mission only through your contributions and consistent support.

Your help supports necessary Parkway research in to endangered plant and animal life, it supports annual educational/interpretive events, it helps to add, maintain and improve Parkway lands and assets as well as major Parkway sites like Johnson Farm, it supports children’s programs like Junior Rangers and more.

Because of cutbacks in federal funding to our National Parks, when you visit the Blue Ridge Parkway an ever growing part of that incredible experience is funded through private donations. Please help.


By supporting Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you help to preserve and protect the Blue Ridge Parkway, a national treasure.


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