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When your goal is to protect, promote and preserve anything 469 miles long, you need a lot of help.

new-chapterYes… I’m looking at you!

Why not!? You could do it. We can help! Maybe you never thought about it, but you could make that difference in your community and for the Blue Ridge Parkway.

That’s where FRIENDS community Chapters come in. We are always looking for local leaders in the Blue Ridge Parkway border communities who would like to begin a Chapter in their town. Several of our Chapters have been active in the past, but now lack leadership. Other areas have yet to form a Chapter of their own.

The criteria for an active FRIENDS’ Chapter, under the guidance and direction of the FRIENDS headquarters, are:

an active leadership team of at least 3 people who will actively recruit volunteers in their area,
the ability to work directly with the Blue Ridge Parkway National Park Service (NPS) on projects in their coverage area,
the ability to secure volunteer support for Parkway-approved projects in their coverage area and
the ability to be self-sustaining thru independent fund-raising.

Our Chapter Handbook provides more information on starting a Chapter and what it is required to take on a leadership role.

When you’re ready to learn more please contact the FRIENDS Office.

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