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Artists support the Blue Ridge Parkway

If you are an artist with a passion for the outdoors, the culture / history of the region and Blue Ridge Parkway, you can support FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway’s work by becoming a supporting artist.

What is a supporting artist?
A supporting artist helps our work on the Parkway by contributing their art for use online, for sale in our store, in our publications, in events, during programs, and more. If your artistic interests and focus include the outdoors, the Blue Ridge region, and the culture / history of the Appalachians then you are a fit for our program.

What would I be obligated to do?
We ask that our supporting artists periodically contribute their work to help FRIENDS, this can happen in a variety of ways and we will work with each artist individually to find what works best.

We utilize the goods provided by our supporting artists in a variety of ways, such as:

  • photographers allow FRIENDS to use their images online, in our publications, and / or to create custom products to sell in our store
  • writers who offer their stories for our use online and in our publications
  • painters allow FRIENDS to offer one or more of their works for sale online and / or in our store
  • a creator of vintage RV textiles who creates a special Blue Ridge Parkway screen printed towel that we can offer online / in our store
  • even a creator of custom greeting cards who designs a set of Blue Ridge Parkway cards we can offer for sale online / in our store
We ask that supporting artists whose products we offer for sale donate a minimum percentage of retail value of their goods to FRIENDS, each artist is unique and we will discuss this aspect with you personally. We do ask if you are selling the same item elsewhere, that you notify us of that and ensure that the prices offered thru FRIENDS and any other source are identical. All proceeds derived from our supporting artist program go directly to FRIENDS work for the Blue Ridge Parkway. We are a registered 501(3)(c) non-profit so your contributions are tax-deductible.

FRIENDS helps our artist community
We love our supporting artists. They help FRIENDS in our mission to preserve, promote and protect the Blue Ridge Parkway thru the funds they help us earn, thru the impact their art has on our community and the world, and thru the unique vision they share with visitors to the Blue Ridge Parkway.

FRIENDS has a national and international audeince and offers wide visibility for our supporting artist community. We highlight the work of our artists by developing a custom page on our website focusing on you and your work. We like to include a biography, photos, information on your work, any stories you would like to share and of course, photographs. You can see examples of these pages and meet some of the folks who work with us here. We will always provide a link to your website so the customers who find your work through us can go on to find out more about what you do / where they can purchase other items. This page is highlighted on a portfolio page describing all of our supporting artists as well as being linked to products offered for sale on our store or in photograph / article credits.

We offer each supporting artist a special FRIENDS supporting artist emblem to display on their website, showing their support for the Blue Ridge Parkway. We ask that each artist including this emblem use it to link back to our main page so any of your customers who would like to find out more can find us directly.

How do I apply?
It’s simple, just contact us by email or phone and inquire.

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