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Roanoke Mountain [MP 111.0 – 121.4]

overlook-roanoke-valley The downtown area of the largest city on the Parkway is just four miles off the Parkway at MP 120 and features many dining, entertainment and lodging options.

Excerpted from TripAdvisor reviews:

Try and wait until twilight, then drive a short ten minutes up the mountain to the overlook to find the largest illuminated star in the country accompanied by a panoramic view of Roanoke. It is a must see and it is free of charge. ” — user Bob S

I’m from Roanoke and have been the Star dozens if not hundreds of times. It’s one of my favorite places anywhere. It’s not exciting or anything. It’s just cool to stand in front of a giant, 70 year old neon star and take in a view of the entire Roanoke Valley. It’s beautiful at night and romantic if it isn’t too crowded, but the park and zoo are fun during the day as well. After visiting the Star you’re just a couple hundred yards from the Blue Ridge Parkway. A visit to the Star is a great cap to a romantic evening, or it’s part of a fun day for the kids that can include the zoo (on the grounds) or watching the autumn leaves change along the Parkway.

It can be a little hard to find for non-locals, so make sure you know where you’re going, but go. It’s one of a kind. ” — user LALittle2014

Points of Interest
  • Stop in at the FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway headquarters for information and souvenirs at our store.
  • Explore Park [MP 115] offers a visitor center and gift shop as well as hiking / biking trails and picnic areas.
  • Horseback riding along the Roanoke Valley Horse Trail ]MP 121.4].
  • The Roanoke Mountain Loop [MP 120.3] offers a 3.7 mile loop trail over the mountain and by five overlooks (can be driven, biked or hiked).
  • 568-acre Mill Mountain Park is right near the Parkway and includes the famous Roanoke Star, two overlooks, Discovery Center, 10 miles of trails, wildflower garden and outdoor classroom, playground, picnic area and the Mill Mountain Zoo. The Star has a ‘StarCam’ webcam, so you can tell your friends / relatives to check you out when you’re at the overlook in front of it.

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