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Crabtree Meadows [MP 339.5]

destination-crabtree-meadowsAt Crabtree Meadows, find a campground, gift shop, restaurant, and picnic area (campground is closed in 2014, check other facilities before traveling). The magnificent display of pink crabtree blossoms each May was once the main attraction for this area’s wildflower display. Nowadays, there are few crabtrees here, but the area still offers a brilliant array of wildflowers each spring, particularly along the Crabtree Falls Trail.

detination-crabtree-falls-topCrabtree Falls is the main feature of this site, and it is one of the finest waterfalls in the state, never mind along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The 70-foot-tall falls is a must-see for all waterfall lovers.

The trailhead and falls parking area are immediately behind the campground entry station. The well-maintained loop trail drops steadily at first, then steeply down a series of wooden stairs before reaching the falls in a little less than a mile. Cross the bridge below the falls to the far side for the best views. Continue on the loop to return to your car for a total of 2.5 miles, or retrace your steps for a slightly shorter hike. Allow at least an hour round trip plus time at the falls.

Excerpted from TripAdvisor reviews:

Beautiful Falls but tough trail – It was a strenuous but beautiful hike to see this outstanding falls. The hike was very rocky and steep. This is a great hike for a young fit person, but a challenge for an older person who is not a big hiker. I was one of those folks who took a long time to get to the falls, but I am glad I did because they are just gorgeous. You are right at the bottom of the falls, so you get to feel them.
I would advise you to bring lots of water for the hike, especially it if is hot.
” — user hcross888 SC

Wonderful hike!! – Even though it was a snowy and a little icy [February 2014], it was well worth it. Really beautiful views and a pretty good workout. I am sure it is also beautiful other seasons but with part of the falls being frozen, it was special to see.” — user explorerlala Washington DC

Beautiful Falls – First time trip to Crabtree Falls. Been by it many times along the Parkway but this time decided to stop and visit. Wow. Amazing. Tough trail coming back up the mountain but well worth it. ” — user Fallcolorman Lumberton, NC

Interpretive and Educational
  • During the summer months, when the campground is open – there are interpretive programs in the amphitheater.
  • Crabtree Falls Campground [MP 339.5] is closed for 2014.

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