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No matter how you choose to do it…

If you travel the entire 469 mile length of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you’re entitled to a very special award!

FRIENDS, in cooperation and partnership with the National Park Service (NPS) Blue Ridge Parkway, would like to join you in celebrating your journey.

This award entitles you to fame, fortune… well, OK maybe just to the memories of a fantastic trip wrapped up in

  • a wonderful custom certificate
  • Blue Ridge Parkway automobile emblem
  • a free, one-year membership with FRIENDS of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Tell us your story and you could end up the subject of an article in one of our many beautiful publications (and maybe several local newspapers as well, you never know) – something to show your grandchildren. We love photos, so the is the best way to embellish your story and clearly substantial accomplishment is to attach a few for us.

Terms and Conditions

To be eligible, you must have traveled the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway since September 11, 1987 (the official completion date). Your journey may be by any legal means possible – car, motorcycle, bicycle, on foot… as long as you’re on the Parkway. Flying over it doesn’t count.

You don’t have to complete the length in one trip, as long as you travel the entire Parkway at some point since it’s official completion date… you’re eligible!

Please complete our 469 Award application and mail it to the FRIENDS headquarters attn: 469 Award. If you have the technology and like to save a stamp, help FRIENDS be green! Scan the completed application and e-mail it to us at

Questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to go over everything with you.

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