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Nye is a writer-photographer living in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains, near the southern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Photographing and writing about the Southern Appalachian Mountains provide him an avenue of expression and an opportunity to share his experiences. Published in regional and national publications, his ongoing emphasis is classic landscape photography. Nye’s titles include: Tennessee Wonder and Light, the smoky Mountains Photographer’s Guide and Great Smoky Mountains Wonder and Light along with the Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Blue Ridge Parkway Celebration, a FRIENDS Silver Anniversary Edition. Nye has been a long time “friend” to FRIENDS.

New book by author and photographer, Nye Simmons, features the ‘best of the Blue Ridge Parkway’.
celebrations-book-smallI have traveled the Parkway for several years now enjoying its many pleasures. In the Nye Simmons process I have also witnessed the dead and dying trees and degraded and inadequately maintained views and overlooks. I have seen the spray paint at Humpback Rocks, and the litter at countless overlooks. I know the Parkway budget is inadequate to meet the needs of an ever growing number of visitors. Saddened by it all, I felt helpless. What can one person do? Then I met Susan Mills, and learned that many people joined together can do what one alone can not. FRIENDS works to address my issues, and I think they are your issues as well. So giving to FRIENDS answers my question – what can one person do? One person can join many, and pool our energy and talent. Together we can keep the Parkway in its prime for ourselves and those that follow.

I hope that my book, Blue Ridge Parkway Celebration, treats your favorite part of the Parkway with the love that it deserves, and that it leads you to new and wonderful experiences. If it does, then my efforts were well spent.

If you chose to buy this book,consider doing so directly from FRIENDS. A large portion of the purchase price directly benefits FRIENDS and helps to fund the work that we all feel is so important. FRIENDS also receives a royalty from sales through other outlets, but FRIENDS receives much more of each dollar if your buy directly from them.

-Nye Simmons

Additional information about Nye Simmons Photography and books he has authored can be found on his website, Simmons Photographic Arts.

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